Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dog At Same Position : Bear Color Puzzle

Classic Puzzle

If a Dog walks one mile south, 
turns left and walks one mile to the east 
and then turns left again and walks one mile north 
And arrives at its original positio.

A. How is it possible
B. If it was not a Dog, but a Bear born and brought up tat the same place, what is the color of the bear.


One Possible point can be exact geographical North Pole
And if it is a bear, it is a polar bear.
So most probably White in Color!!

Important:  In addition to the trivial north pole and circle near north pole solutions, there is an additional circle near south pole solution. Set your mind juices flowing. You will get that answer too!!


  1. can you explain why north pole? What relation does north pole has with coming back to its original position even after displacement?

  2. There is one - the north pole. Note that you could go 1 mile south, 1 mile west, and one mile back north to end up on the north pole where you began your trip.
    Similarly, you could do the opposite directions from the south pole. Go 1 mile north, then 1 mile east or west, and go 1 mile back south to end up on the south pole again.
    The point is that *** that moving E or W from a point near the poles involves a curved path rather than a straight line.

    Hope that answers your query Owais.

  3. But to add, The correct answer is INFINITE.
    Think how. Anyone ??