Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seven Pieces, Two Cuts - Gold Bar Puzzle

You have engaged someone for seven days for some work. And, you have a gold bar to pay him.
(God!! what is that work?? Anways that is not my puzzle!!)

The gold bar is divided into seven connected pieces. That is you can easily break them in seven equal pieces, but still they are loosely joined.
You have to pay him a piece of gold at the end of every day.

Question: You can make only two breaks in the gold bar. Then how will you pay him.

I have dedicated another post for the solution.
Solution to the 7 Pieces 2 Cuts Gold Bar Paying Problem at "Puzzles in Job Interviews"
First think and try to solve before jumping to the answer.


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  3. 4:2:1...then 1st day pay 1...2nd day pay 2,1 back..3rd day again pay 1..4th day...pay 4 take 1 2 back..so on...

    1. good attempt. Whenever you get some free time, please post more detailed solution. it will help others to understand better. :)

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