Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two People Running same speed. Yet who wins - Time and distance Classic Puzzle

Silvia and Charlotte have exact speeds for walking and running - neither Silvia outwalks Chalotte, nor Charlotte outruns Silvia.Technically, same speed.
But for a given distance, Silvia runs half the time, then walks another half. 
Wheras, Charlotte runs half the distance, then walks another half.
If they were to compete, who wins.

Remember Speed Distance philosophy :) taught in Highschhol
Hint there will be two times when once Silvia wins and after sometime Charlotte wins. Find when and how.

But just for your start I give you a simple resolution, that may help you win an interview at most places. Though the answer is not perfect in itself. Still :)
If Charlotte runs half the distance and walks the second half, her second part will take longer. Since Silvia is running half the time, she will always run a further distance than Charlotte before he starts walking. Since they walk the same speed, Charlotte will not be able to catch her.

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  1. As far as i think ... the hint is Silvia's walking speed is equal to Charlotte running speed. So obviously walking speed of Charlotte will be less then walking speed of Silvia and also less then running speed of Silvia. Therefor SIlvia will win, because Silvia running speed will be greater the Charlotte walking speed .......