Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ten friends 10 apple.. but 1 remain in basket

Travelling in bus. Sitting near window. Enjoying weather.
But its a puzzle time for u all...

You have a basket containing ten apples. You have ten friends and each desire an apple. You give each of your friends one apple. After a few minutes each of your friends has one apple each, yet there is an apple remaining in the basket.How?

From www.jobpuzzles.com

(for answer check again after atleast 24 hours. In case u think u hit an answer..pls post)


  1. the last friend gets apple kept in the basket

  2. remaini apple is ipad(apple brand)

  3. Thats gr88 Priya Singh.

    The correct answer is: You give the last friend the basket with an apple inside it. So, the apple is still inside the basket.

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  4. votes to priya Singh :) same thing i have also thought it :) got the answer in 5 mins :)

  5. The guy giving out the apples was Jesus.